Seminar papers

Seminars: 2000-2001

In the academic year 2000-2001, the UKCHNM hosted four seminars in different parts of the United Kingdom. Since then the UKCHNM, in collaboration with others, has hosted further seminars. We are delighted to publish the papers delivered at these seminars:


Professor Annie Altschul

At the end of the year, the UK Centre was delighted to collaborate with the Department of Nursing Studies of the Univerisity of Edinburgh in A Festschrift for Annie Altschul to celebrate the contribution to nursing of Professor Annie Altschul. The papers of Professor Altschul that formed the central core of this celebration are now published for the first time on the UKCHN website. We also publish the celebratory papers offered at the event and a bibliography of Professor Altschul's work.

  • A Festschrift for Annie Altschul
    Professor Annie Altschul and others
    January 2004
    In collaboration with the Department of Nursing Studies, University of Edinburgh

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